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Thank you for your patience to all who have been waiting for the completion of this project. We have had several challenges that caused delays over the past few years, but we are nearing the finish line! We could not have done this without assistance from many friends and volunteers, several ranching families who participated in establishing our data sites, our friend and pilot Andy Vance, and the support of our family. We hope you enjoy and can utilize the results of our efforts.

Larry locates historic foundation in the Pinal Mountains, Arizona, while mapping new locations for study sites.

This is an arrastra in central Arizona near the remote historic town of Nugget. The word arrastra comes from the Spanish word "arrastre," meaning to drag along the ground. When ore was quarried out of the hard rock mines, the rock had to be crushed to free silver or gold. The Spanish first introduced the arrastra to the New World in the 1500's. With a horse, mule or person providing power at the other end of the arm, the stone was dragged slowly around in a circle. - Historical evidence of the interactions of society and nature.

Within this site you will find hundreds of photos displaying a variety of plant communities we captured in east-central Arizona, interviews and photo albums of individuals and families who have contributed to balancing a response to differing opinions about the natural environment in Arizona, an annotated list of references, a description of the methodology we used at a dozen study sites – ©The Pellet Acre, technical information from our data collection, and our field notes and perspectives.

We also have a digital images page that will link you to a site to purchase images we capture along the way as we travel through Arizona. This is a working website, and we will be continually adding new digital images with an option to purchase through smugmug.com.

That site offers a variety of media for your images, including mugs, printed photos, and posters. We will also be continually adding interviews and photo albums. Our project work may continue each year.

Educational institutions that wish to use our digital images for educational purposes, please contact us for a special code to obtain images free of charge.

Our data, manuscripts and photo documentation are not intended to be an exhaustive treatise of those interconnected things in our natural environment. Rather, an effort to continually provide information that enlightens current knowledge through fieldnotes and perspectives.

A one lane bridge over Pinto Creek, Arizona. The riparian trees seem to want to hug the bridge, rather than growing away from it. A very healthy riparian area even with the bridge built through it !

We hope to provide several intellectual keys to stimulate thought which may have been otherwise stifled by prejudices, misinformation, muddled policy or inappropriate agendas.

The objective is to create a path for an intellectual adventure, to map before the reader a route that is wide enough for others of differing thought to join on this path and along the way realize the similarities of each other’s point of view.

Thank you for visiting our site!

Enjoy Arizona!

Our best to you – Carolyn and Larry Eppler

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