Caring for the Land
to Balance the Interactions
of Society and Nature

Interviews and Albums of
Individuals and Families Involved

Each of us has a life story of ways we have contributed to the betterment of society and the natural environment for our families, friends and communities. Day-to-day events in one’s life can contribute creating a chain of events that affects society and the natural environment without us realizing it. The following are a few examples of individuals who have contributed to our communities in Arizona.We want to thank each of them for their willingness to share and provide excellent examples for us to follow. If you would like to share a life story of your contributions to the betterment of society and the natural environment, or you know of someone, please let us know. Thank you! Enjoy the interviews and photo albums!

Please note: This website is a work in progress. The albums and stories are not yet loaded. We will be continually adding new images, research materials and stories of Arizona family histories. Please continue to check back with us often.

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Dr. Jim Sprinkle
Mr. Leroy ‘Beno’ Jones
Mr. Mitchel ‘Mick’ Holder
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy and Velma Tucker
Mr. Walter Grantham
Mr. and Mrs. William and Penny Conway
Mr. C.B. ‘Doc’ Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Betty Sue Conway
Dr. George Ruyle
Mr. Steven Barker
Mr. Nathan Ellison
Mr. Alvin Medina
Mr. Dwight Cooper
Mr. Scott Stratton
Mr. and Mrs. John and Kerstin Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Debra Jennings
Father and Son,
Edwin and Earl Bacon
Coming Soon

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